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Planning application regarding Stanway Quarry - ESS/48/01/COL/24/18 and ESS/52/17/COL/28/6

Share your views on the planning consultation regarding land at Colchester Quarry, Warren Lane, Stanway.


Details pursuant to Condition 24 (Noise Monitoring Survey) of ESS/48/01/COL that was for "Review of Mineral Planning Permissions” and Condition 28 (Noise Monitoring Survey) of ESS/52/17/COL that was for "Continuation of use of land for mineral extraction and ancillary use without compliance with Condition 6 (Dry Silo Mortar Plant (DSM) Operating hours) of planning permission ESS/23/14/COL granted for "Extension of Stanway Quarry on land at Five Ways Fruit Farm via the extraction of 2.95m tonnes of sand and gravel etc" to extend the weekday DSM plant operational hours from 20:00 hours to 22:00 hours.

These consultations by Essex County Council both run from 17 November until 2 December 2020.

View consultation ESS/48/01/COL/24/18

View consultation ESS/52/17/COL/28/6

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