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Parking restrictions - Colchester Borough Amendment Number 4

Proposal to introduce and revoke restrictions on Prohibition of Waiting, Loading and Stopping and On-Street Parking Places.


This consultation proposed to introduce and revoke restrictions on ‘Prohibition of Waiting, Loading and Stopping’ and ‘On-Street Parking Places’ in several locations across the borough as shown below.

Proposal to introduce:

  • ‘No Waiting at Any Time’ on Allendale Drive, Heathfields, London Road (Copford), Park Avenue, Queensberry Avenue, School Road, Maldon Road, Spring Lane, West End Road and Woodland Way.
  • ‘No Waiting Mon-Fri 9am-10am and 2pm-3pm’ on Beech Avenue, Elm Grove and Woodland Way.
  • ‘No Waiting Mon-Fri 10am-11am’ and ‘No Waiting Mon-Fri 5pm-6pm’ on London Road (Copford)
  • ‘No Loading Mon-Fri 8.30am-9.30am and 2.30pm-3.30pm’ on Exeter Drive and Guildford Road and ‘Limited Waiting 2hrs No Return Within 2hrs’ in Woodland Way

Proposal to revoke in part:

‘No Waiting Mon-Fri 10am-11am and 1.45- 2.45pm’ in Essex Drive and replace with ‘Disabled Badge Holders Only’

Proposal to revoke:

‘Permit Holder Only B3 Mon-Sat 12.30pm-1.45pm’ bays in Vint Crescent and replace with ‘Resident Permit Holder Only B3’.

This consultation from North Essex Parking Patnership ran from 2 April until 27 April 2020.

Next steps

The consultation has closed and the order/amendment is published on the North Essex Parking Partnership website.

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