Colchester Economic Development Strategy 2015-2021

This strategy looks at where Colchester is today and where it wants to be.


  • The Colchester Economic Growth Strategy objectives
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The Colchester Economic Growth Strategy  2015 - 2021 has the following objectives:

  • To provide an overarching vision and framework for economic interventions in Colchester
  • To provide a framework for engagement, partnership and leadership co-ordination by the Council and its partner organisations
  • To assist in determining priorities for the allocation and deployment of resources of the council and other organisations
  • To inform prioritisation of interventions and investment
  • To assist the development of partnerships across the public, private and third sectors
  • To avoid duplication and achieve the best use of available resources
  • To set targets and provide a framework for monitoring and evaluation
  • To plan the economic development work of the council
  • To meet the Council's responsibilities for promoting economic development under the Local Government Act 2000

Colchester Economic Development Strategy Document 2015-2021

Colchester Economic Growth Strategy 2020

Economic Growth Strategy Evidence Base

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