Colchester Commercial (Holdings) Ltd

Colchester Commercial (Holdings) Ltd (CCHL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Colchester Borough Council.


  • Annual Report

As an entrepreneurial Council, Colchester created new companies in April 2018, through CCHL and 3 subsidiary companies:

  • Colchester Amphora Energy Ltd (CAEL), designing and implementing low-carbon energy systems to lead the Eastern region
  • Colchester Amphora Homes Ltd (CAHL), delivering high-quality mixed-tenure housing (combining affordable and private market homes)
  • Colchester Amphora Trading Ltd (CATL), providing a range of related products and services in the property, leisure and health care industries.

The Council is the sole shareholder with control in the ambitious direction of the companies. The Council-owned companies’ aims include to:

  • Build the global brand of Colchester as a place to do business, invest, live, study and visit
  • Improve quality and availability of homes for private sale and affordable rent
  • Provide high-quality products and services that capitalise on our unique offer and gain a market share
  • Operate in a commercial, innovative manner exploring options for development and expansion
  • Generate profit to maintain viability, reduce risk, and return to the Council (as a dividend) to reinvest in public services.

Find more information, including the latest annual report, on the Colchester Amphora website.

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