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Performance - Corporate Indicator Sets


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Performance management is a key part of the way in which we manage the organisation.

We deliberately use "improvement" to indicate that the whole purpose of performance management is to make sure that we continue to improve in all aspects of how we work and what we deliver.   It helps us to ensure that we know what we are trying to achieve and sets out how we monitor progress and then take action as needed. 

The main principle is that we decide what we want or need to deliver, and performance management helps to ensure that we get there and in a way that achieves value for money. 

Corporate Indicator Set

The Council has a number of indicators which summarise its overall performance. These are reported to councillors twice a year. 

Corporate Indicator Set - 2019-20 half-year results

Corporate Indicator Set - 2018-19 full year results

Corporate Indicator Set - 2017-18 full year results

Corporate Indicator Set - 2016-17 full year results

Corporate Indicator Set - 2015-16 full year results

Corporate Indicator Set - 2014-15 full year results


The Datashare tool allows you access to view and download a range of council performance statistics, databases and information in accordance with the LG Transparency Code.   Please click on "View" in Datashare to see the range of information available by category.  You can then view the information in a variety of ways such as bar or pie charts or download as a CSV file.


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