Castle Park byelaws


  • Local law for Castle Park

Castle Park has had its own byelaws since it opened in 1892. A simplified version of these local laws are listed here.

You may not:

  • ride a bicycle, tricycle, scooter, skateboard or other similar machine in the park
  • bring any barrows, trucks, machines or vehicles into the park apart from pushchairs or wheelchairs without permission
  • fly any model aircraft, including drones in the park
  • put up any posts, rails, tents, gazebos or other structures. You cannot wade, swim or wash in any of the ponds, lakes or river
  • pick any flowers, plants, shrubs, buds, blossoms or leaves
  • injure, disturb or attempt to remove any fish, birds or other wildlife
  • disturb bird nests or attempt to remove any eggs
  • throw any items that may harm other people
  • sell any goods, food or services without permission from Colchester Borough Council 
  • climb, walk or sit on any plants, shrubs or trees
  • go onto any areas that are fenced or signposted for new planting or turf
  • cut any turf, dig holes or remove any soil

You must not: 

  • damage any wall, fence, building, seat, bin or ornament in the park 
  • go to the toilet on any wall, fence, building, seat, bin or ornament in the park 
  • climb on any wall, fence, building, seat, bin or ornament in the park 
  • remove or move any wall, fence, seat, bin or ornament in the park 
  • use a metal detecting or magnet fishing tackle

Dogs in Castle Park


You may not bring a dog into the Upper Park unless it is a service dog.

Dogs are allowed into the Lower Park but they must be kept under control and must not be allowed to chase the wildlife or enter the boating lake or river. 

Public Space Protection Order


Castle Park also falls within the area covered by the Town Centre Public Space Protection Order. There are signs at each gate that highlight the restrictions. Please familiarise yourself with these as failure to follow them could result in a £100 fixed penalty notice. 

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