Fishing rules at High Woods Country Park

Ticket holders must abide by the following rules when fishing at High Woods Country Park.


All anglers must follow these rules

1. The ticket entitles the holder to fish the lake at High Woods Country Park on the date shown.

2. We operate a closed season from 16 March to 15 June inclusive.

3. Fishing is NOT allowed before 7.30 am or after sunset or 9pm, whichever is earlier.

4. Motor vehicle owners should use the car parks provided and not park in the residential areas. Permit holders must have a valid MiPermit parking permit or ticket for the Turner Road Car Park. Parking permits must only be used when anglers are fishing on-site.

5. The lake is only a small water so a maximum of two rods per angler only is permitted.

6. Lead weights are not permitted, however nontoxic weights can be used.

7. All anglers must be in possession of an unhooking mat and landing net. Ideally a fine mesh net minimum diameter of 32 inches (80cm). No keep nets are permitted.

8. It is essential that all fishing equipment, especially nets and unhooking matts, are clean and dry before and after use to stop the spread of aquatic diseases and waterborne pests from one water body to another.

9. Use a suitable size hook for your target species of fish with a maximum of size 6 for carp. Only barbless hooks may be used. No trebles.

10. Recommend a minimum of 8lb line strength when fishing for carp. No braid line to be used.

11. Tackle must not be left unattended.

12. All fish caught must be returned alive to the water. The catching and using of fish as live bait is not permitted.

13. No release of any fish or other aquatic life from other water bodies.

14. No tents or other structures are permitted other than an umbrella or open fishing bivvy. No fires or stoves.

15. No unused bait or discarded fishing tackle to be left. All litter to be taken home.

16. No damage to be caused to bank-side vegetation or wildlife.

17. Fishing to be from designated swims and not from in the water. Fly fishing is not permitted.

18. The day/season ticket and current Environment Agency rod licence must be produced for inspection on the request of the Rangers or other Officers of the Council.

19. Junior permits are required for 13 to 16yrs. Children under 13 do not require a permit but must be accompanied by a paying adult of at least 17 years or older with a maximum of two rods.

20. Please be considerate of other lake users by:

  • keeping noise to a minimum
  • at busy times, not cast ing further than half way across the lake

21. Environment Agency rod licence regulations apply.

If, in the opinion of the Rangers or Council Officers, anglers fail to comply with these rules they may be required to leave the Country Park and have their season/day ticket withdrawn.

Anglers are strongly advised to take adequate precautionary hygiene measures, particularly before eating. The nearest toilet facilities are at the Visitors Centre, west of the lake off Turner Road.

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