Events and organising an event at High Woods Country Park

Countryside events and activities at High Woods Country Park


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Countryside Events and Activities

Looking to get outdoors and enjoy learning about nature in one of Colchester's most beautiful open spaces?

High Woods Country Park and Nature Reserves in the Borough have a fun-packed seasonal timetable of events throughout the year.

Click here to view the Parks and Countryside Events for 2019!

High Woods Country Park and the BIG Garden are validated Children's University Learning Destinations

Children's University Learning Destinations are places and organisations to which children can "travel" and where they record hours of learning in their Passport To Learning.

Both the Country Park and the BIG Garden are now validated Learning Destinations. This means that if your child brings their CU passport along to an event, eg, children's activity, bat walk, etc, then we stamp your child's Passport To Learning to correspond with the time they have been engaged in the activities. This therefore contributes to your child's record of achievements and CU certification.

Organising your own event

High Woods Country Park and some of our other sites are excellent venues for a wide range of events and activities - small or large. For example, groups have used the parks and their facilities for sponsored walks, running and cycling events, shows, fun days, orienteering, treasure hunts and much more.

What you need to do

To discuss your requirements please contact the Visitor Centre on (01206) 853588.

To apply to hold an event at one of our sites please email

You are required to hold a current policy of Insurance in respect of Public Liability or Third Party risks (including products liability where appropriate). The relevant limit of indemnity shall be an amount approved by the Council's Risk and insurance Section and Legal Section. Under no circumstance shall this be less than £5 million and the Council reserves the right to require a higher limit if deemed necessary.

You will be responsible for ensuring that any exhibitor, band/dance act, sub-contractor, caterer etc. whom you have instructed/ authorised to appear at the event, has adequate insurance in respect of Public Liability or Third Party Risk.

You will also need to submit a risk assessment for the event, identifying all risks associated with the event and what preventative measures you will take to minimise these risks.

If you are planning to include music or live entertainment  as part of your event you must also complete a Temporary Event Notice. Copies of this are required by Essex Police and the licensing department at least 10 working days before the event.

Charges may apply to your event and / or the hiring of the Visitor Centre or meeting room. Charges for the current year can be found here.

Please note: Receipt of the Events Application Form does not constitute a booking and you must wait until the booking has been confirmed before you proceed with organising your event.

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