Taxi Fares

We regulate the maximum fares that a hackney carriage can charge for journeys in Colchester. This means that the driver cannot charge more than this fare even when used for pre-booked or contract work. The driver can charge less than the maximum fare on negotiation with the customer. A higher sum may only be charged if the journey ends outside the Colchester City Boundary providing that the fare has been agreed upon before the start of the journey. 

The charge will be displayed on the taxi meter in the vehicle. The meter should not be running before the journey starts and it is recommended that customers check the meter on entering the vehicle to ensure that the meter shows the correct fare.  The meter should not be reset at the end of the journey until the customer has checked the meter and paid. 

The tariff charged by the driver will vary depending on whether the vehicle is a saloon vehicle which has four passenger seats, or whether it is a people carrier vehicle which can seat from five up to a maximum of eight passengers. The tariff will also vary depending on what time of the day or night the journey is made, the day of travel, how many people are travelling and how much luggage is carried. 

For example, if you travel in a 4 passenger seat vehicle between the hours of 6.00 am and 10.00 pm on a Monday to Saturday you will be charged at tariff rate 1, but if you travel in the same type of vehicle after 10.00 pm  or on a bank holiday you will be charged at rate 2. 

The current taxi tariffs are shown here :  Private hire vehicles may have a meter fitted however we cannot control the fares for journeys in these vehicles. The fares are set by the operator and may be agreed at the time of booking. 

Page last reviewed: 9 April 2024