Report an incident or collision

Hackney Carriage Change of Vehicle Application Form 
Private Hire Change of Vehicle Application Form

We must be satisfied that licensed vehicles are safe and suitable to transport passengers.   

Any damage to a licensed vehicle must be reported to the Licensing Team in writing as soon as possible and within 72 hours of the collision or incident. 

Please email giving the vehicle and plate details, details of the incident and the damage sustained. Please include photos of the damage. Please ensure these are in pdf or jpg format.

What happens next? 

The vehicle must be inspected however limited or minor the damage appears to be. Please call 01206 282520 to book a garage appointment. You must present the vehicle for inspection at the Council-approved testing station, currently, Riverside Workshop, Unit 7, Westside, Stanway CO4 3QE, and you will be advised of the next steps to be taken. 

If the vehicle requires repair but can still be driven, you will be given 28 day notice and in this time the repairs to the vehicle must be completed.   

If the vehicle cannot be driven, the vehicle licence will be suspended immediately for the repair work to be carried out.  

If the works are not completed the vehicle licence may be suspended or revoked. 

Once the works are complete the vehicle must be reinspected at a Council approved testing station.  A copy of the Pass Certificate from the garage must be given to the Council before the vehicle can be used again to carry passengers. 

Temporary Vehicle Licences 

If the vehicle cannot be used you can apply for a temporary plate for a replacement vehicle which will enable you to continue to operate.  This will be issued for up to a month; this period may be extended in exceptional circumstances following approval of the Council.  At the end of the period the temporary plate must be returned to the Council 

The temporary replacement vehicle, which can be any colour, must be under 5 years old.  If it is over 5 years old it must pass an inspection at Riverside Workshop. 

New Vehicle on an Existing Plate 

If it is no longer possible to use the existing licensed vehicle, a change of vehicle can be submitted. 

Page last reviewed: 9 April 2024