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Street Naming and Numbering

Change an existing address or create an address for a new property.


  • What is Street Naming and Numbering
  • Who can add or change a name on a property
  • What developers need to do when naming a new development

What is Street Naming and Numbering?

All proposals for new street names and property numbers or changes of street or property name in the Borough must, by law, be sent to the Colchester Borough Council for approval before being brought into use.

The appropriate naming of streets and naming and numbering of buildings forms the basis for identifying property related information for the purposes of:

  • record keeping, for example legal transactions, taxation
  • delivery of post by the Royal Mail and other deliveries services
  • responses to emergencies by ambulance, police and fire services

The Council has powers to authorise names and numbers and to ensure that the authorised name and number is displayed in an appropriate manner.

Residents - Applying for Street Naming and Numbering

You can add or change a name on your property if you are the owner/householder.

The name can only be used in addition to your number, which must always be displayed. For example, "The Cottage", 1 The High Street.

When you apply, let us know the full postal address with the proposed name.

  • If we do not accept the name, we will ask for an alternative.
  • If we accept the name, we will let you know and inform the Royal Mail.

Notification is also sent to external organisations such as the emergency services and our internal departments such as Planning, Council Tax, Electoral Services and Street Services.

Difficulties with your address

Contact us if you have moved into a new build property and experience difficulties with organisations not holding your address.

Submitting an application

To submit an application or if you have an addressing query, contact us using the email address at the bottom of this page.

Developers - Applying for Street Naming and Numbering

For the naming and numbering of new build properties and streets, developers are required to contact our Street Naming and Numbering team with the following information.

  • An approved planning application number
  • A large-scale site plan
  • Any suggestions for new street names (if applicable)

Submitting an application

To submit an application, use the contact details at the bottom of this page.

The process of naming and numbering developments can take up to 8 weeks so it is advisable that the Council are contacted at the earliest possible stage (i.e. prior to work being commenced and before marketing materials are produced). If an application is submitted at a late stage (i.e. nearing completion) and is subsequently rejected, numerous problems can arise for developers and purchasers. Late applications can also lead to delays in connection to services.

  1. When we receive an application, an initial confirmation email will be sent and we may ask for further information.
    1. For requests that involve the naming of new streets, the local Town or Parish Council and Councillors are consulted. Guidelines on naming new streets can be found in the Street Naming and Numbering policy. Colchester Borough Council will make the final decision on street names.
  2. Once the street naming and numbering has been confirmed we will send invoice and payment details in line with our charging structure below.
  3. Once payment has been received the registration will take place and the relevant organisations will be informed.

You cannot proceed with any naming or numbering scheme without our approval in writing.

Street name plates

In the case of a new development, the developer is responsible for erecting street name plates to the Council’s specification.

Details on the street name plates specification (xls, 37KB)

Charging for Street Naming and Numbering

Our costs for Street Naming and Numbering are changing from 01 April 2021.

Charges for street naming and numbering in Colchester
Description of charge Minimum charge (£) VAT Current charges (£) Charges as from April 2021 (£)
Plot change (each) 100 NB 10 25
Street name change (each)   NB 100 200
Numbering or naming new dwelling (each)   NB N/A 95
New street name   NB N/A 400

The above charges are not subject to VAT.

Payment must be made before your application is processed. On receipt of your application, invoice and payment details will be provided.

The laws we operate under

We are the street naming and numbering authority for the Colchester area. The principal pieces of legislation we operate under are the:

  • Towns Improvement Clauses Act 1847
  • Public Health Acts Amendment Act 1907

Further information can be found in our Street Naming and Numbering Policy.

Street Naming and Number Policy

Contact us

Street Naming and Numbering
Colchester Borough Council
Rowan House
33 Sheepen Road

Email: streetnaming@colchester.gov.uk

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