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Infrastructure Funding Statement

Summary of the amount of developer contributions obtained, allocated and spent in the previous financial year.


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From December 2020, planning authorities are required to publish an Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS) in accordance with the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Regulations[1]. The purpose of an IFS is to give communities a better understanding of how developer contributions have been or are planned to be used to deliver infrastructure in their area.

Developer contributions in the borough of Colchester include section 106 planning obligations and unilateral agreements secured as part of the planning application process.

The IFS should include a register in a format provided by the Government (a CSV file) and an explanatory report which identifies infrastructure needs, the total cost of this infrastructure, anticipated funding from developer contributions, and the choices the authority has made about how these contributions will be used.

Infrastructure Funding Statements must be published annually, before 31 December, and cover the previous financial year running from 1 April to 31 March.

About the register

The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) recommends that local planning authorities follow their specification on how to format, label and publish their development contributions data.
MHCLG recommend publishing infrastructure contributions in three steps:

  1. Create three developer contribution CSV files to store the data: one showing developer agreements; one showing the amount and purpose of the contributions; and a third one showing the transactions and their current status (‘secured’, ‘received’, ‘allocated’, ‘transferred’, ‘spent’ and ‘returned’)*.
  2. Publish the CSV files and a short, written report illustrating the data.
  3. Submit the data to the national register of developer contributions; set up and maintained by MHCLG.

Colchester City Council Infrastructure Funding Statement 2019/20

Colchester City Council Infrastructure Funding Statement 2020/21

Colchester City Council Infrastructure Funding Statement 2021/22

Colchester City Council is responsible for delivery of affordable homes, community facilities, sport and recreation including public open space. This statement provides details of how funds have been spent in these service areas. This Infrastructure Funding Statement does not include details of contributions for Education, Highways and Transportation. Essex County Council are responsible for these matters and details of planning obligations to provide things like additional school places and highway improvements can be found by referring to the ECC Infrastructure Funding Statement as they are the responsible authority.

Developer agreements 2019/20

Developer Agreement Contributions 2019/20

Developer Agreement Transactions 2019/20

Developer agreements 2020/21

Developer Agreement Contributions 2020/21

Developer Agreement Transactions 2020/21

Developer agreements 2021/22

Developer Agreement Contributions 2021/22

Developer Agreement Transactions 2021/22



Data is provided under the Open Government Licence.

[1] The Community Infrastructure Levy (Amendment) (England) (No. 2) Regulations 2019: “Part 10a Reporting and monitoring on CIL and planning obligations; paragraph 121A

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