Guidance Documents

Supplementary Planning Documents that relate to Adopted Guidance


  • Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance (SPDs and SPGs) provide guidance on the Council’s planning policies and processes, and are capable of being ‘material considerations’ in determining planning applications.

Biodiversity SPD


The Biodiversity SPD (PDF, 12.6MB)

SEA/HRA Screening Determination (PDF, 191KB)

Adoption Statement (PDF, 58.4KB)



ABRO Site Development Brief (PDF, 4.03MB)

ABRO Development Brief Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening Report (PDF, 156KB)

Adoption statement


Affordable Housing SPD


Affordable Housing SPD February 2023 (PDF, 253KB)

Affordable Housing SPD - SEA and HRA Screening Determination (PDF, 253KB)

Adoption Statement (PDF, 67.3KB)


Backland and Infill SPD


Backland and Infill SPD Adopted Dec 2010

Backland and Infill SPD letter review garden development Jan 2010

Backland Development SA Report

Backlands and Infill Development SPD Statement of Consultation September 09


Better Town Centre SPD


Better Town Centre SA Non Tech Summary

Better Town Centre SA Report

Better Town Centre SPD Adoption Statement

Better Town Centre SPD with Hyperlinks

Better Town Centre SPD Statement of Consultation Oct 12

Public Realm Strategy & Lighting Strategy Guidance Note


Colne Harbour Masterplan SPD


01 Colne Harbour Master Plan Evidence Base Jan 2008

02 Colne Harbour Design Framework January 2001

03 Colne Harbour Public Space Design Guide 2

04 Colne Harbour Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report Nov

05 Colne Harbour Sustainability Appraisal Report May 2006

06 Colne Harbour Sustainability Appraisal Report Appendices

Colne Harbour Master Plan SPD - 29-01-08 - Std res


Cycling Delivery Strategy SPD


CDS Adopted Version Appendix 1

CDS Adopted Version Appendix 2

CDS Adopted Version Jan 2012 1

CDS SPD Adoption Statement Jan 2012

CDS Statement of Consultation Jan 2012


Essex Coast RAMS

Essex Coast Recreational Disturbance Avoidance and Mitigation Strategy SPD

Essex Coast Recreational Disturbance Avoidance and Mitigation Strategy SPD Adoption Statement



Garrison Masterplan

St Botolphs Masterplan


North Colchester Growth Area SPD


NGA Adopted SPD June 2012

NGA SPD Adoption Statement

NGA SPD Statement of Consultation

North Colchester SPD Sustainability Statement


Provision of Community Facilities SPD


Communities Facilities SPD July 2013

Community Facilities Consultation Statement

Community Facilities SPD SA Report


Provision of Open Space, Sport and Recreational Facilities SPD


Open Space SPD July 2006

SPD Charges Effective from 1 April 2019


Shopfront Design Guide SPD


Shopfront Design Guide SPD June 2011

Shopfront SPD Adoption Statement

Shopfront SPD Statement of Consultation June 11


Street Services Delivery Strategy SPD



Statement of consultation 3

Street Infrastructure

Street Services Delivery Strategy SPD


Sustainable Construction SPD


Adopted Sustainable Design Construction SPD

Sustainable Construction SPD Adoption Statement

Sustainable Construction SPD Statement of Consultation


Sustainable Drainage Systems Design Guide


suds design guide.pdf


Vehicle Parking Standards SPD


Parking Standards 2009 part 1

VPS SPD Consultation Response Summary

VPS SPD Consultation Statement


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