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Local Authority Search fees

The fee for an official search depends on the type of application you have submitted.


  • The fee for a full search.
  • The fees for LLC1, CON29R and CON290 searches and additional enquiries.
Type Details Cost (inc. VAT)

Full search

A full local land charge search report consists of two parts, the LLC1 and the CON29R



You can individually purchase the LLC1, CON29R or CON29O (questions 4-22):


Type Cost (inc. VAT)

LLC1 (exc VAT)




Con29O optional enquiries (questions 4 - 21)


Con29O optional enquiries (question 22)


Additional enquiries (solicitors own enquiries)


Additional parcel of land on a full search


Additional parcel of land on a LLC1 (exc VAT)


Copies of documents as a result of a search (exc VAT)



Please note that it is not possible to cancel/refund a search request.

Apply for a Local Authority Search

National Land Information Service (NLIS) 

We are linked to the National Land Information Service (NLIS) at Level 3 and can receive and return local search requests electronically.

Find out more about NLIS