Core Documents for proposed demolition of the church of St Peter and St Paul: Birch

All the documents for the proposed demolition


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Below are all the Core Documents relating to the proposed demolition of the church of St Peter and St Paul: Birch.

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171206 DL - Annex - A Request for review - Church Commissioners

171206 - DL - Request for review - Church Commissioners

180612 - Notification to interested parties - Withdrawal of referral - Church of Birch St Peter

2013 Draft Scheme

237464 100A

237464 200A

237464 201

Birch - Church Commissioners' proposals for the demolition and landscaping of the former church of St Peter Birch

Birch CA designation - report 1993

Birch Church Budget Estimate 171215 CC COPY

Birch church inquiry programme (004)

Birch Church Colchester - Design Notebook FINAL

Birch conservation area boundary close up

Birch conservation area boundary full

Birch Costs to date 19.03.18B

Birch listed buildings plan

Birch Parish Council Letter re Birch Church 06 Sep 17

Birch spire Arts Trust and HLF letters 2002

Birch Village historic maps

Budget estimate Birch Church 300916 CC COPY

CBC Adopted Core Strategy 2008 with 2014 revisions

CBC Adopted Development Policies DPD

CBC Birch Conservation Area Consultation Draft March 2018

CBC letter and Section 106 Unilateral Undertaking 2013

CBC Proposal map key

CBC report to Local Plans Committee Report on Birch conservation area

CCT Annual report and accounts year ended 2017

Chronology of use-seeking

Churches Conservation Trust strategic conservation strategy

CNEEBT Birch Church Viability Study 2013

Condition Report dated 9 March 1998 by FRR for CBC and BSAT.

Courtland Properties option agreement extension.

Courtland Properties option agreement. 2003

DCMS Guidance on Ecclesiastical Exemption 2010

English Heritage 2014 letter

Expressions of interest 192 to 2011

Extract from Development Plan Proposals Map

Feasibility Study dated April 1995 for CBC and ECC and EH with condition report.

HARExport - Historic England register for Colchester

Historic England Listing plan Church of St Peter and St Paul

Landscape Context Plan - Birch

Landscape. Option 2 - Birch

Landscape. Option 3 - Birch

Landscape. Option 4 - Birch

Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011

Mission and pastoral measure 2011 - volume 2

Morton Partnership letter 22 Oct 2002 re dry rot and safety

Morton Partnership Report for CNEBPT 22 July 2013.

Official listings in Birch

Pastoral Scheme for closure. 31 Oct 1990. Effective 1 Nov 1990

Payments to the Churches Conservation Trust Order 2014

Planning and Listed Building Applications in Birch

Project Viability Study Option 4 layout drawing

QI Condition Survey dated January 2012 by Purcell Miller Tritton LLP for the diocese of Chelmsford.

QI Report dated October 1983 by RAW Orrin, Chartered Architect

Re St Peter and St Paul's Church Birch Essex  Public Inquiry APPNPCURAREH153073500

Recorded objections to demolition - Ancient Monuments Society

Recorded objections to demolition - Colchester & NE Essex BPT

Recorded objections to demolition - Colchester BC

Recorded objections to demolition - J Edwards

Recorded objections to demolition - R Clifton-Sprigg (deceased)

Recorded objections to demolition - S Beach

Recorded objections to demolition - T Bugg

Recorded objections to demolition - The Victorian Society

Recorded reps with no clear opinion - English Heritage 2013

Recorded reps with no clear opinion - G Grant

Recorded reps with no clear opinion - T Young

Recorded support for demolition - C Cotterell

Recorded support for demolition - G Carr

Recorded support for demolition - J Monks

Recorded support for demolition - J&L Daniels

Recorded support for demolition - P Dennis

Recorded support for demolition - R Carr (2)

Recorded support for demolition - R Carr

Recorded support for demolition - R Potter

Recorded support for demolition - S Windsor

Recorded views of the Commissioners advisors - Committee decisions

Refer back reps received 1

Refer back reps received 2

Spire Conservation Trust LB drawings for 2001 conversion application

Spire Conservation Trust Planning drawings for 2001 conversion application

St Peter Birch DRAFT CC Core Documents list March 2018 V3

St Peter and St Paul ToR Final

The Church Log Book 1979 inc QI recommendations and actions 1978 and 1983.

The Skelmersdale Agreement

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