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The Livewell campaign promotes healthy messages and aims to support communities and families across Colchester


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The Livewell campaign promotes healthy messages and aims to support communities and families across Colchester to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Based around 6 themes, Livewell is designed to support residents with health and wellbeing throughout life.

Startwell Advice for Families- on staying healthy and safe all year round and giving children and families the best start

Bewell Local activities - highlighting a range of physical activities available within Essex, many of which are completely free

Eatwell - Nutrition and Weight Management. Tips and advice on healthy eating and maintaining a healthy balanced diet with a range of healthy recipe ideas

Feelwell - Mental Wellbeing. Your mental wellbeing is as important as your physical wellbeing, a range of advice and guidance are available 

Staywell - Your Health. Advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and accessing the right services when required

Agewell - Tips and activities specially aimed at the older generations with advice on staying fit and healthy.

All Essex local authorities have come together to launch a new Livewell website that can help residents to eat well, get more active and guide you to find the support you need.

You can discover more about what is happening locally, local initiatives, campaigns and things to do that will benefit your health. Visit the new website now at

Livewell Colchester Case Study

Beat The Street Colchester

Beat the Street is a Startwell initiative that came to Colchester in Autumn 2017. Designed to get the community active and connected to each other Beat the Street is a game where people walk, cycle or run to tap boxes on lamp posts across the town and earn points as they go.

In Colchester, for 7 weeks last Autumn, almost 14,000 people played the game and travelled just short of 100,000 miles. Our winners were St John's Green School and team2together running group.

Beat the Street legacy phase continues until June 2018 with Beat the Street friends promoting and sharing activity opportunities. One of the elements is for the whole community to design their own project or trail in their local greenspace. If you want to get involved, you can contact Amelia Carroll on facebook @BTScolchester

The end of game report has recently been published and can be read here. It highlights what the game has achieved so far and the impact it had on individuals and communities across the borough.

"It helped us to get out as a family, for a lovely walk with the doggies every morning rather than me rushing around the block with the dogs on my own! My partner has COPD and it has kept him active whereas before he would stay in with my daughter before work"

Do you want to share your experience of Beat the Street and would you like it to return? Let Amelia know @BTScolchester

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