Who does what?

Who does what in an emergency.


  • What the Ambulance Service does
  • What the Fire Service does
  • What the Police do
  • What the Local Authority does

During an emergency, rescue will normally be the primary function of the Fire Service, Police and Ambulance Service.

Listed below is a brief description of who will do what in an emergency.

The Ambulance Service

The first priority of the Ambulance Service is to save life, they will also:

  • Treat casualties at the scene
  • Arrange transportation of casualties to hospital.
  • Provide access to other NHS services as necessary.

The Fire Service

  • Essex Fire and Rescue Service will rescue people trapped by fire, wreckage or debris.
  • They will also assist in rescuing people that have become trapped as a result of flooding,
  • If necessary they will also assist in the handling of casualties and recovery of fatalities. 

The Police

  • Ensure the preservation of life together with other Emergency Services.
  • They will also secure, protect and preserve the scene of the emergency.
  • Coordinate the overall response to the emergency and arrange for residents to be evacuated, but only if it becomes absolutely necessary.

Your local authority

We will provide support and assistance to the emergency services and other agencies who may be involved in the response to an incident.

  • Open up local Rest Centre facilities, to provide temporary accommodation to those evacuated or unable to return home.
  • Lead on recovery of the community and restoring the environment.

For more detailed advice and plan templates, contact the emergency planning team or call 01206 282222

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