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Council information

General information about the Council and staff, performance, gender pay gap, trade union time, population and number of homes.

Annual reports
All annual reports for the Council.

Current job vacancies
List of current job vacancies at Colchester Borough Council and Colchester Borough Homes.

Customer contact centre performance 
Performance is measured by the average wait time for calls to be answered in seconds and the average resolution for calls received as a percentage. Averages are per quarter year, not individual months. The Centre saw a large increase in contact in the first two quarters of 2017 due to changes made to the waste collection service.

Customer satisfaction
Customer survey to measure satisfaction with the telephone service received.

Cooling Towers
List held under the The Notification of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers Regulations 1992.

The Housing Benefit Fraud function was transferred to the Department of Work and Pensions. The Council therefore no longer has data to publish.

Freedom of Information requests
How many requests are processed annually and who makes them.

Gender pay gap
Calculations that show the difference between the average earnings of male and female staff at the Council.

More information on the gender pay gap
Find more information on the gender pay gap, including the gender pay gap narrative from 2018-2021. 

Invoices paid within 30 days
Charges are indicative only; if the supplier were to pursue their statutory right to claim interest and other compensation recovery costs as laid out in government guidelines; 'Interest paid': any actual sums paid to suppliers due to a breach of the requirement in regulation 113 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

List of current byelaws
Current byelaws

Number of homes in the borough
Total number of households in the borough; data supplied by the national Valuation Office Agency.

Number of staff employed
The number of staff employed by the Council.

Organisation chart
Top 3 levels of the organisation.

Pay multiple
Pay multiple is the ratio between the highest and lowest paid staff.

Resource showing the Council's governance, statement of accounts, audit and other relevant information.

Policies and strategies
Details of all Council policies and strategies, including the Strategic Plan.

The most recent estimates of the borough's population.

Public Health funeral details
Assisted Funerals conducted during a rolling year to date. The information shown is all that the Council can provide with regard to Public Health or Assisted Funerals.

Number of burials and cremations
Annual totals for Colchester Cemetery and Crematorium.

Public Spaces Protection Orders: PSPO
Current Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs).

Senior staff salaries
Salary details of Colchester's senior officers within the top 3 levels of the organisation and employees whose salary exceeds £50,000

Staff sickness
Staff sickness rate, measured in working days.

Trade Union Facility Time – Transparency Code
Information relating to trade unions within the Council.

Trade Union time – 2017 Act
Information on trade unions within the Council. From 1 April each year for 12 months - info must be published by 31 July after end of period, ie 31 July 2018 for year to 31 March 2018.

Page last reviewed: 9 August 2021