Cost of living support

Colchester Borough Council is providing support for residents facing the cost of living crisis.

Statement by Leader of Colchester Borough Council, Cllr David King

On behalf of members of the council, I would like to convey our heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family and pay tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, who touched all our lives, either directly or indirectly, throughout her long and illustrious reign, and who will never be forgotten.

A page in our country's history has turned. We are a borough and a nation united in both grief and gratitude at this time. Grief at Her Majesty’s passing, and gratitude for her lifetime of dedicated service and as the symbol of unity and strength at the heart of the nation and the Commonwealth, which she loved so much.

Affection, gratitude, and respect for her lifetime of service are keenly felt by all members of the council and across the borough. We shall miss her for her unflagging sense of duty and as the extraordinary national figure she became for so many people, for so long.

Page last reviewed: 14 September 2022