What you can do

We can all make changes to our lifestyles to reduce our environmental impact. 
Our what you can do guide provides information on calculating your carbon footprint, environmental action, volunteering opportunities and more. Information is provided for residents, schools and businesses.  

The ‘Carbon Cutting Essex’ app, produced by Essex County Council and GreenRedeem, provides you with blogs, quizzes and pledges to help you understand ways to reduce your environmental impact. In return, you get points which can be put towards prize draws or donated to charities. Find out more about the app here
Also for a one stop shop of environmental tips and resources for your lifestyle see the Essex Climate Advice Pack produced by Essex Climate Action Commission.  

You can find more ideas by visiting Eco Colchester, a community group based in Colchester offering help and advice around protecting the environment.  

Page last reviewed: 10 May 2021