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Honorary Aldermen

List of current Honorary Aldermen


  • A list of Councillor's who have been appointed Honorary Aldermen

The Council has appointed the following former Councillors as Honorary Aldermen. 

It is an honorary title intended to recognise eminent service of past members of Council and does not confer any powers to take decisions on Council business. The current criteria for eligibility for the title of Honorary Alderman are former Councillors who have either at least 20 years service as members of the Council or have held the office of Mayor of the Borough.

List of current Honorary Aldermen of Colchester and date of appointment:

J R Wheeler                 - September 1988

G F D Bober                  - September 1994

Mrs M R Frank               - September 1994

Miss J I Fulford              - September 1994

R P Spendlove              - September 1994

R Green                          - September 1999

K G Cooke                      - September 1999

Mrs M L Fairhead OBE - September 2002

Sir Bob Russell               - September 2002

D J Cannon                     - September 2006

D Holt                               - July 2008

I T J Trusler                     - July 2008

Mrs J Stevens                 - July 2008

R H Gower                      - July 2008

C B Hall                           - March 2011

J G Bouckley                   - October 2012

W H F Spyvee                 - October 2012

S J Lewis                        - January 2015

C L Sykes                       - January 2015

T R Sutton                      - January 2015

M Blandon                      - January 2015

M Kimberley                  - November 2015

R Gamble                       - February 2017

M Fairley-Crowe            - February 2017

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