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CCTV consultation taxis and private hire vehicles

Colchester Borough Council is holding a consultation into a proposal that CCTV should be introduced in all its hackney carriage and private hire vehicles.


  • How will CCTV be used?
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The Council is considering the introduction of CCTV in all its hackney carriage (taxi) and private hire vehicles and is holding a public consultation on the draft policy to seek the views of the public and the trade.

  • The key aims and purpose of the introduction of CCTV is to provide a safer environment for drivers and passengers by -
  • Deterring and preventing the occurrence of crime and anti-social behaviour and reducing the fear of crime
  • Safeguarding users and drivers
  • Assisting the Council and Police in investigating incidents of crime; investigating officers would be able to gather evidence for use in prosecutions or disprove false allegations

How will CCTV be used?

The use of cameras will comply with data protection laws and CCTV codes of practice; the Council will be the data controller. The recordings will be picture only; sound recordings will only be made in certain circumstances.

All licensed vehicles fitted with CCTV will be required to have clear signage so that users are made aware of the cameras before entering the vehicle. The cameras will record both the driver and passengers.

The recordings will be securely stored and encrypted and will be automatically deleted after 28 days unless being used for evidence purposes.

Live viewing of the recordings will not be permitted and neither drivers nor vehicle operators will have access to the system or be able to download footage.

Recordings will not be able to be viewed by anyone other than Council staff or the Police. Any downloaded footage can only cover the period when the alleged incident is said to have occurred.

Have your say

Any comments, observations or representations that you may wish to make on the policy can be e-mailed to

The closing date for representations is 12 June 2020.

You can view the draft policy and specification below:

CCTV Policy draft

Technical Specifications

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