Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan

The consultation on the Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan runs from 30 August 2022 to 12 October 2022. 

Colchester City Council has received the Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan Submission documents for publication in accordance with Part 5 Regulation 16 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.  

Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan Submission Consultation  

The Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan sets out the planning framework about how Tiptree residents and businesses would like the parish to develop up to the year 2033.   

Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan Submission documents  

The Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan Submission documents (a) – (g) listed below accord with Part 5 Regulation 15 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.  

  1. Map showing the Tiptree Plan Area
  2. Proposed Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan  
  3. Basic Conditions Statement   
  4. Consultation Statement  
  5. Tiptree Plan Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)Report
  6. Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) Report

A number of evidence base documents have also been prepared to support the Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan. These are: 

  1. Tiptree Village Questionnaire Results  
  2. Site Selection Process  
  3. TNP Housing Topic Paper   
  4. RCCE Housing Need Survey – December 2017  
  5. RCCE Rural Community Profile for Tiptree - 2013  
  6. TNP Employment Topic Paper  
  7. TNP - Review of Transport Issues January 2021  
  8. TNP - Review of Transport Issues April 2021  
  9. TNP – Strategic Highways Note February 2022  
  10. Statement of Common Ground (Messing & Tiptree PCs)  
  11. Deliverability Statement  
  12. Environmental Group Report  
  13. Tiptree Lanes Report  
  14. Building for Life 
  15. Leisure and Play Facilities Audit and Needs  

More information on the background to the Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan is available on the Tiptree Parish Council website. 

A hard copy of the submission documents will be available to view at the Tiptree Parish Council Offices during regular opening hours. Please contact Tiptree Parish Council for further details.

Consultation duration and closing date  

In accordance with Part 5 Regulation 16 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General Regulation 2012, the consultation on the Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan will run between 30 August 2022 to 12 October 2022.

Please note the consultation has been extended by one day to accommodate the bank holiday on Monday 19 September.

How to respond to the consultation  

Comments can be made online via our consultation portal.  All consultation responses must be received by 5pm on 12 October 2022.  

Leave a comment on the Consultation portal  

A user guide is available if you need help using the consultation portal.  

Alternatively, you can send a completed response form with your comments to planning.policy@colchester.gov.uk.

Download response form

All representations will be published on the Council’s consultation portal in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulations.  For further information about how your data is processed, go to www.colchester.gov.uk/privacy.   

Any representations may include a request to be notified of the Local Planning Authority decision under Regulation 19 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulation 2012; in relation to the Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan.  

We have also prepared frequently asked questions to assist respondents who are unfamiliar with the neighbourhood planning process.  

Neighbourhood Planning frequently asked questions  

Examination of the Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan  

Following the completion of the consultation, all responses received have been sent directly to the appointed Independent Neighbourhood Plan Examiner who will determine whether the Plan (submitted in August 2022) satisfies the Basic Conditions.  If the Neighbourhood Plan passes the Examination, it can then progress to the Referendum stage.  
An Examiner has been appointed to consider the representations received. The appointed Examiner is Andrew Seaman BA (Hons) MA MRTPI.. Further information related to the Examination will be uploaded on the Examination page

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