Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan Examination October 2022

An Independent Examiner has been appointed to examine the Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan. The Examiner is Andrew Seaman BA (Hons) MA MRTPI.

The responses received to the Regulation 16 Consultation have been sent to the Examiner to consider the Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan. These can all be viewed via our consultation portal.

The Council have also produced a Representations Schedule available here.

The examination commenced on Monday 24 October 2022. The Examiner issued his Final Report on 15 December 2022. The Examiner has concluded that subject to modifications, the Tiptree Neighbourhood Plan meets the basic conditions and can now proceed to referendum. Find further details about the referendum.

Information about the Examination

The Examiner has written to the Council and Tiptree Parish Council to seek some initial points of clarification, in his letter dated 1 November. Both the Council and Tiptree Parish Council have responded to the Examiner. The Examiners Letter, Responses and supporting attachments are available to view below:

Following the closure of the recent planning inquiry at Brook Meadows, the appellant (Kler Group) has asked the Examiner to consider additional information as part of the Neighbourhood Plan Examination, which has arisen during the course of the planning inquiry. While the Examiner does not wish to routinely engage in additional, unsolicited submissions, on this occasion he has accepted the additional information. The Qualifying Body (Tiptree Parish Council) have been given the opportunity to respond and this has been published below. Thereafter, the Examiner will review all of the available evidence and how it may affect the ongoing Examination. He does not anticipate the need for any further submissions.

Tiptree Parish Council Response to Kler Group Additional Information – 23 November 2022

The Examiner has also considered the request from Lawson Planning Partnership (on behalf of Colchester United Football Club) for a hearing. The Examiner has outlined his position in his letter dated 16 November 2022.


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