Colchester Economic Development Strategy 2022 - 2025

The Colchester Economic Growth Strategy 2022 - 2025:

  • highlights the key assets and challenges of Colchester’s economy
  • sets out our vision and priorities, along with principal objectives
  • explains the thinking behind some of our aspirations
  • provides case studies to illustrate the type of work we will encourage to achieve our priorities
  • highlights the factors that influence us
  • describes how we will work with partners

The strategy supports four themes:


Supporting inclusive economic growth by encouraging business innovation, helping local workforces develop the skills needed for future opportunities, and championing the Real Living Wage.


Engaging widely with partners and anchor institutions at the local, regional, national and international level to help Colchester capitalise on new opportunities for economic growth, jobs and infrastructure.


Using our resources, knowledge, assets and connections to leverage inward investment in the City, and facilitate improved infrastructure, including digital infrastructure.


Working with partners to improve our local environment, speed up the decarbonisation of the Colchester economy and reduce the environmental impact of business activities.

The documents

Page last reviewed: 13 May 2024