Supporting wellbeing and social inclusion

A number of initiatives will be explored to help those with limited resources or non-standard working patterns access similar parking rates as those on a more typical full-time week. Smaller monthly payments will be available for those purchasing longer term parking permits and options to provide season ticket parking rates that can be used on odd days within a longer period of eligibility will be examined. A scheme such as that operated by Allerdale Borough Council, to enable residents on a low income access to a lower priced parking permits for their workplace town will be considered. 

Blue Badge holders are currently granted 3 hours uncharged parking in Colchester’s car parks. Additional hours are paid for at the prevailing rate. The Blue Badge scheme was designed for, and continues to have legal standing, for on-street parking only. Its use in off-street car parks is a concession to assist those with mobility needs.  

Many local authorities charge for Blue Badge parking. The designated parking spaces are to afford users the best access and proximity, not to provide or imply an inability to pay for the parking used. It is common for Blue Badge users to be granted additional time for any paid stay in a public car park.  

The Council will maintain an approach to charges for Blue Badge parking consistent with the overarching policy approach to ensure that car use is not subsidised or promoted over other modes available to users. It will also remain mindful that charged-for parking removes the financial incentive for those ineligible for a badge, to use, or acquire one.  

This improves availability of the disabled bays provided for those with real access needs. It is important that the integrity and community respect given to Blue Badge parking bays for use by those that need them is maintained. To this end the Council will monitor use so that evident over-provision is adjusted down commensurate with actual demand.  

Where demand is excess to supply, options to increase provision will be explored. There may be additional demand for Blue Badge parking provision, which will be set and adjusted over time, based on observed need. 

Many of the Council’s car parks provide excellent sites for new homes. Where this opportunity is appropriate, the needs and provision of parking in the rest of the town will be reassessed to mitigate, and enable, the redevelopment of car parks in this way

Page last reviewed: 15 May 2023