Principles of the Positive Parking Strategy

Principle 1

Traffic congestion, air quality and the availability of other modes of travel will be a key consideration in setting the quantities of parking available, the location, the restrictions applied and parking tariff employed.

Principle 2

All significant public off-street parking will be owned or licensed by Colchester City Council. Workplace parking within the town centre will be subject to a levy.

Principle 3

Planning requirements will support car-free developments and lower provision for car parking in suitable areas. New developments will continue to be obligated to provide minimum levels and standards of cycle parking, electric vehicle charging and space for car clubs.

Principle 4

Signing will be provided with the intent that visitors to the town can find appropriate, available parking for their needs without difficulty and using routes supportive of the town’s wider use.

Principle 5

Payment tariffs and channels will be adopted that offer improvements to the user. Systems that support promotions, caps on parking charges and other sophistications to billing will be enabled.

Principle 6

The parking offered will be deliberately varied to serve different customer requirements and needs, both with regard to time and spatially.

Principle 7

Pricing for parking will be set at a level that takes account of at least the full costs of providing the parking service, and at a level that ensures that more sustainable alternative modes of travel remain viable and attractive options. Charges may be levied above this floor payment as determined by other policies.

Principle 8

Charges applied to parking may be varied on account of user type as a means of encouraging particular behaviour, to support wider policy, take account of a user’s situation or to support particular needs.

Principle 9

Revenues derived from parking may be made available to support other transport options where these help deliver overall objectives.

Principle 10

Parking payment options will be designed to offer access to all.

Principle 11

Blue Badge parking provision will be set and adjusted over time based on observed need.

Principle 12

The parking estate will be used to support the provision of social housing.

Page last reviewed: 15 May 2023