Appendix A: What is Positive Parking?

Colchester Council is both a founder member of, and has signed up to, the Positive Parking Agenda, an initiative started by a group of local authorities supported and assisted by the British Parking Association.

The aim of the Positive Parking Agenda is to change perceptions and challenge misconceptions about the parking sector as well as local government’s role, and make the parking experience a better one for all concerned.

The Agenda looks to provide effective and positive communications, promoting innovation and the use of technology, for the benefit of all. The Agenda addresses a range of key priorities including: congestion, safety, air quality, accessibility, technology, working together and fairness.

Colchester Council is looking to align its parking strategy, including its polices and operations, to this agenda through a Positive Parking Framework. The Positive Parking Agenda is looking to its founder members to set a benchmark standard for other local authorities to follow. Find out more at

Page last reviewed: 15 May 2023