Equality and diversity in employment

At Colchester City Council we provide equal opportunities to potential and existing employees.

We recognise that equality benefits all groups. We aspire to have a workforce that reflects our diverse community and is therefore better equipped to meet the needs of the population we serve.

All our applicants and employees are treated fairly. We welcome applications from all members of our community, in line with our Equality and Diversity in Employment policy.

Equality and diversity monitoring

Each year we measure our workforce to assess the impact our policies and practices have on different people. We do this to ensure that we are not discriminating against any groups. Please see our equality and diversity monitoring data:

Gender pay gap

Equality Act regulations require public organisations with more than 250 employees to publish a range of gender pay gap figures. The requirements for the public sector largely mirror those for the private sector.

Each year, our data is published:

Page last reviewed: 1 May 2024