The Council operates a relocation scheme for new employees. This is open to employees who need to move home to satisfactorily perform their new role.

To be eligible for this scheme, you need to currently live more than 72.42 kilometres (45 miles) from your new place of work or office base, such as Rowan House.

Employees are eligible to claim reimbursement under the scheme provided that:

  • their appointment to the Council is the reason for moving to the area
  • their spouse/partner has not received a similar allowance from their employer

Relocation expenses must be claimed within 18 months of the sale of your property or the start of your contract with the Council.

There are guidelines around the scope of the financial assistance that we can provide. These are set out in full in the Council's Relocation Policy.

If you feel that you would be entitled to claim under the relocation scheme, please contact the Human Resources on 01206 282112 or for a further discussion.

Page last reviewed: 1 April 2020