Planning Applications Supporting Documents

When making a planning application there are additional documents to submit.


  • What happens when you submit an application
  • The supporting documents you need
  • How much it costs
  • Apply for planning permission

To make a planning application there are statutory and local information requirements which apply to each application type. These are known as the "National" and "Local" Validation Requirements List.

National requirements apply to all planning applications in England. Local requirements are set by us.

When you submit an application, we make sure the application includes all the necessary information we need. This is classed as "valid".

If your application is "invalid", your application will be delayed until we receive additional information or it may be returned to you.

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What supporting documents you need?

Along with the fully completed application form and fee, the following must be submitted:

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Please note that the Government has increased planning application fees by 20% with effect from the 17th of January 2018.

If you are intending on submitting applications on or after this date then the correct new fees will need to be paid for your application to be made valid.

Applications made with the current fee will not be valid and you will be asked to pay the additional amount.

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Check what fee is applicable

You may also be liable to planning obligations such as Section 106 agreements. What's this?

Building Control

Depending on the type of building project, you will probably need building control approval as well.

Do you need building control approval?


We recommend that you use an agent.

People who are familiar with making planning applications will already know the process and have experience of our working practices.

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If you are unsure if you need planning permission or you want to check if your building project would be a permitted development.

Submit a Certificate of Lawfulness

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If you know you need planning permission, but would like specific advice.

Submit a pre-application

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If you know you need planning permission, but don't want specific advice.

Apply for planning permission

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Documents to go with your Application