Research and reports on deprivation


  • Indices of Deprivation
  • Community Strength Assessments & Evaluations
  • Life Chances Reports
  • Local Investment Plan Colchester - Evidence Base

Indices of Deprivation

This is an important tool in identifying local areas of deprivation. It aims to better understand areas of deprivation in the borough. This is significant for local communities and service providers for a number of reasons, most notably in steering local investment and in attracting external funding.

Indices of Deprivation documents 

Community Strength Assessments and Evaluation

The Community Strength Assessments were intended to:-

  • Increase local knowledge of characteristics and needs in these wards
  • Assess levels of community involvement in the wards
  • Assess the levels of capacity of the community to help itself in these wards

Community Strength Assessment and Evaluation documents 

Life Chance Reports

The Life Chances reports cover several key areas including: Crime, Education, Health, Housing and Unemployment and Worklessness.

The findings are displayed in the following five reports.

Local Investment Plan Colchester Evidence Base

This extensive document brings together data on a complete range of indicators for Colchester.  This provides a good understanding of the issues facing Colchester both now and in the future. The base provides the evidence for key investment priorities in Colchester as outlined in our Local Investment Plan and is required by the Homes and Communities Agency.

Local Investment Plan Evidence Base Update - July 2012

Local Investment Plan Evidence Base -2011

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