Fixed Digital Access Points

Below you find a map that will allow you to filter and find a location of a Fixed Digital Access Point, also known as an FDAP. These are placed in the community to provide you with an accessible device providing you with an easy and convenient way of accessing council, surgery, and community services. Although bespoke to the locality of the device, they include tiles such as local surgery websites, bus timetables, local pharmacies, community groups, and other health and wellbeing , council, and social sites. 

Using this map, you are also able to find the location details for where the team hold digital chat and support sessions within the community. 

Find your nearest Digital Access Point

This interactive map shows you where each point is located. 

Use this map to find your nearest community activity and digital access point. Find more instruction on how to use this map including filters.


Page last reviewed: 25 July 2021


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