Our Customer Principles and Vision

Our Customer Principles

  1. Listen to, understand and learn from our customers 
  2. Embrace and respond to the changing needs of our customers to improve our services 
  3. Be sensitive and inclusive to make sure that every customer has equal access to our services 
  4. Solve customer enquiries swiftly and accurately 
  5. Ensure customers are kept informed and updated 
  6. Improve customer experience by having a consistent customer approach across all services 
  7. Continuously improve and create consistency across all service delivery communications 
  8. Continue to work with our public and voluntary sectors to help customers access services 

Our Customer Vision

We will put customers at the centre of everything we do, improving and delivering the best service we can.

Our Digital Principles and Direction

We will: 
  • make our online services easy to use and compatible with any device 
  • make online content consistent, accurate and relevant 
  • understand our customers' needs to create digital services for them 
  • make full use of technology to better serve our customers 
  • use the latest social media platforms to support community collaboration 
  • foster a culture of best practice when developing our online services 

Page last reviewed: 23 December 2020