About the Colchester Woodland and Biodiversity Project

The Colchester Woodland and Biodiversity Project, which launched in 2019, is a unique opportunity for everyone to work together and develop a legacy of a greener city for future generations.​

Update January 2024:
The Woodland and Biodiversity Project is now entering its concluding phase. Its success showcases our community's dedication to a sustainable and vibrant future. Accomplishments include planting four memorial blossom circles at Kings Head Meadow in Castle Park to commemorate the Covid-19 pandemic, discontinuing the use of glyphosate-based products for general maintenance, establishing Community Orchards in partnership with local groups and councils and various other initiatives and public planting days. 

The project aims to bring about improvements in three areas: our communities, our wildlife, and our environment.

Improving our community

To improve the health and wellbeing of our communities and help people connect with our natural environment, we will:

  • make it easier for everyone to access green spaces
  • help more people to get involved in outdoor activities that will improve physical and mental health​
  • help communities to benefit from urban planting​
  • help families create precious memories and stories

Improving our wildlife

To develop, enhance and diversify our wildlife within Colchester, we will:​

  • help 200,000 new plants to thrive​
  • create new woodlands​
  • recover and improve wildlife corridors and networks

Improving our environment

To reduce the environmental impact of the Council and influence others to follow our lead, we will​:

  • help residents and businesses to make informed decisions about their impact on the environment in Colchester​
  • conserve and enhance biodiversity​
  • contribute to the reduction in drought and flood risk

Throughout this project, we will:

  • not harm existing habitats​
  • use natural processes as far as practicable and possible​
  • seek to balance the needs of people and nature​
  • collaborate, consult, and involve communities and partners​
  • allow others to take part and own the project​
  • use every opportunity to influence others to follow our example

Our community should be able to get to know, love and use our woods and parks. We want everyone to enjoy the environmental, health and wellbeing, and societal benefits they bring.

Page last reviewed: 3 September 2021