Better Colchester sets out to make Colchester an even more attractive place to live, work and visit

Seeking to take back control of maintaining the borough’s roads and footpaths, helping increase police presence, and promoting Colchester’s heritage are part of the Better Colchester project, designed to make Colchester an even more attractive place to live, work and visit.  

The plans include investing £550,000 into improving the borough’s infrastructure, meaning working more closely with Essex County Council and public transport operators through a new body titled ‘Transport for Colchester’. 

Around £750,000 is to be invested to further enhance work to keep the town centre clean and promote the town’s heritage and attractions, while £400,000 is set to be used to help make the town safer and to work with the police to increase their presence on the streets. 

Other aspects of the plan include: 

  • highlighting the work supporting the borough’s economic growth and encourage more business to expand or relocate to Colchester; 
  • reducing homelessness and supporting vulnerable residents; 
  • promoting sport and encouraging people to lead healthier lifestyles; 
  • tackling antisocial behaviour and littering; 
  • maximising commercial income for the council to further help it deliver the services residents need and rely on; 
  • creating cross party task and finish groups, including a Heritage and Tourism group 
  • creating a new Policy and Public Initiatives panel to enable members of the public to bring forward ‘common sense’ ideas to help further enhance the lives of Colchester residents. 

You can find out more about Better Colchester by clicking below.