Check what you can put out


Plastic and card recycling must be placed in separate clear recycling bags.

Rinse, squash and put the lids back on plastic bottles.

Items we collect:

  • Plastic bottles:
    • Plastic milk bottles
    • Fizzy drink bottles
    • Water bottles
    • Shampoo bottles
    • Bottles from household cleaning products
    • Bleach bottles
  • Plastic pots:
    • Yoghurt pots
    • Cream pots
    • Soup pots
    • Salad pots
  • Plastic tubs:
    • Margarine tubs
    • Ice cream tubs 
  • Plastic trays:
    • Meat trays
    • Fruit trays or punnets
    • Biscuit trays 
  • Other items:
    • Plastic plant pots
    • Worn out white garden sacks
    • Broken or unusable food recycling caddy (rinse first)
    • Broken or unusable recycling box (rinse first)

Items we do not collect:

  • Plastic bags:
    • Carrier bags
    • Bread bags
    • Freezer bags
    • Fruit and vegetable bags 
    • Multi-pack crisp bags
    • Salad and sandwich bags
  • Plastic film and wrapping:
    • Plastic nets & labels (e.g. for citrus fruits)
    • Plastic film from magazines and newspapers
    • Wrapping from food products
    • Wrapping around multi-packs of cans
    • Wrapping around toilet rolls
    • Cling film
    • Plastic cereal liners 
    • Plastic film from ready meals
    • Pesticide or chemical bottles 
    • Tetra Paks 
    • Tassimo Pods
  • Blister packs:
    • Packaging containing tablets 
  • Hard plastics:
    • Children's toys
    • Milk crates 
  • Polystyrene, including:
    • Polystyrene food trays (e.g. take-away boxes)
    • Expanded polystyrene packaging​ (e.g. Loosefill polystyrene used for padding in packaging)
    • Bubble wrap 
    • Electronic items 
    • Plastic strapping or rope (e.g. polyrope, lock lashing straps) 
    • Aluminium Coated Plastic Pouches and Packaging 
    • Cat Food Pouches 
    • Crisp Bags 
    • Video/cassette tapes or CD/DVD cases 
    • Washing up bowls
    • Large items such as garden furniture
Order more clear plastic bags

Page last reviewed: 10 April 2024