Check what you can put out

Collections from flats

General rubbish

Put any general rubbish in black bags and into the communal bin.

Items we collect:

  • Nappies, incontinence pads, catheter/stomach bags and sanitary rubbish
  • Plastic film and polystyrene
  • Pet litter and rubbish
  • Knives, broken glass or sharp objects (wrapped in newspaper or cardboard with warning label on)
  • Biodegradable face wipes

Items we do not collect:

  • Clinical and hazardous rubbish including infectious medical items, needles, granular or powder pesticides, liquid pesticides or asbestos
  • Recycling materials such as paper, card and cans etc.
  • Garden rubbish
  • Commercial rubbish
  • Hot ashes
  • Electrical and electronic items
  • Batteries
  • Beverage cartons
  • Liquid rubbish including oil and paint
  • Large bulky household items including fridges, freezers, beds, televisions and cabinets


Separate your recycling and put them in the wheelie bins provided

Items we collect:

  • Paper and card, flattened
  • Cartons, flattened
  • Cans, rinsed and squashed
  • Glass bottles and jars, rinsed
  • Aerosols

Items we do not collect:

  • Plastics including plastic bags
  • Broken or sheet glass
  • Glassware, tableware or mirrors
  • Fluorescent tubes or light bulbs
  • Card lined with plastic or foil
  • Thick cardboard
  • Used tissue
  • Kitchen roll
If you live in a flat with plastic recycling facilities, find out which plastic items can and cannot be recycled.

Page last reviewed: 10 April 2024