The Council's Recovery Plan


The Community recovery plan has 4 key objectives:

  1. Levels of inter-organisational collaboration and new working practices brought about by C-19 crisis are sustained.
  2. Communities are strengthened to mitigate economic disruption, reduce isolation, and improve Health and Well Being.
  3. Pre-existing inequalities within and between communities are reduced.
  4. Increase in volunteering, civic engagement and building on the strengths within Communities.

Activities already completed include:

  • Digital Access Teams project extension funding paper has been submitted to the Alliance for a decision.
  • Track and Trace scenario exercise has taken place with County partners. Process & procedures are in place.
  • All useful and relevant information for potential volunteers has been collated and now held in one central place at Volunteer Essex.

Additional work started or planned includes:

  • ‘Lock it with Love’ campaign by One Colchester to show appreciation for the NHS and loved ones.
  • Vulnerability & Shielding Alliance work added to the Be Well work led by Colchester Borough Council and Tendring District Council.
  • St Helena have increased their Rapid Response service capacity of Clinical Nurse Specialists aligned with other multi-disciplinary team members.
  • Firstsite photography project to celebrate NHS workers.
  • Colchester Borough Council and Community 360 working together to map local green prescribing opportunities for well-being, also linking to the conservation objectives within the Council’s declaration of a Climate Emergency.
  • Anglian Ruskin University research into Community Assets & Health and Well Being.
  • Friday prayers hosted outside St Botolph's Priory grounds, with social distancing in place.
  • The Community Response Team contacting BAME communities to understand the impact of Covid 19 and hear about any barriers faced in lockdown.
  • Community 360 volunteer centre developing action and management plans.
  • Updated Community Enabling Strategy.
  • Planning for Officer & Member Asset Based Community Development underway.

Page last reviewed: 27 October 2020