Photographs of previous Oyster Feasts

portrait of Henry Wolton

Henry Wolton, five times Mayor of Colchester and founder of the Oyster Feast. Credit: Andrew Phillips, Historian

Colchester Oyster Feast, 1896

The former Liberal Prime Minister Lord Rosebury rises to address the 1896 Oyster Feast. On his left the Mayor, James Wicks (of Jumbo fame), on his right Colchester’s M.P. Weetman Pearson, later Lord Cowdray. Credit: Andrew Phillips, Historian

Men attending Oyster Feast at the old corn exchange in Colchester, 1902

The 1902 Oyster Feast. Guests include senior ministers of Mexico and Japan, the Lord Mayor of London, 11 other mayors, ambassadors and military grandees. Credit: Andrew Phillips, Historian

Men attending Oyster Feast in Colchester, 1908

The 1908 Oyster Feast which was attended by His Highness the Sultan of Zanzibar. Credit ‘photo by Gill, Colchester’, Colchester & Ipswich Museums

The Duke of York attending the Oyster Feast in Colchester, 1924

The Duke of York (later King George VI), attending the 1924 Oyster Feast. To the right, the first female Mayor of Colchester, Catherine Alderton. Colchester & Ipswich Museums

Men standing in a row with oysters in front of them

The Town Clerk (third from left) and Town Serjeant (fifth from left) behind the scenes at the Oyster Feast (year unknown). Credit: Colchester & Ipswich Museums

Hall crowded with people sitting down at long tables with plates of oysters

Prince Arthur of Connaught attends the 1932 Oyster Feast. Credit: Colchester & Ipswich Museums

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