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Getting public transport

The next best way to travel is by using public transport to get around. This has the advantage of bringing lots of people together in one vehicle, rather than having everyone in cars. The different options for public transport are mentioned below.


Regular bus services are provided for journeys taking you in and around Colchester, which are all operated by different bus companies. Traveline will help you to plan your route by giving you bus routes, bus times and bus numbers based on the starting location and destination you put in. You can also use the bus for your work commute.


Similar to the bus, there are regular train services running from Colchester North Station and Colchester Town station to various destinations. They are very quick too, and often pass through scenic countryside – much more relaxing than driving right? Like the buses, you can put in your starting location and destination into the Trainline website or app, and it will give you the train times for the journey.

Park and Ride

Colchester has a Park and Ride service located just off the A12. Rather than driving all the way in the work, it may be more convenient for you to leave your car on the outskirts, and travel in by bus the rest of the way. 

You can also use all of these forms of public transport for your work commute – your employer may even offer money off your travel for using public transport too so it’s worth investigating.

Page last reviewed: 24 November 2020


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