Loveurcar Colchester

Do you ever consider the impact of your driving?

Loveurcarcolchester aims to encourage everyone who drives in Colchester to be a little more conscious of the impact of their driving on their local surroundings.

Car sharing, using public transport and cycling and walking more instead of driving will all contribute to taking more cars off the road, resulting in reduced congestion, reduced emissions and improvements in air quality. If you have to drive, eco driving and switching off your engine when you are stationary all contribute to reducing air pollution.

Who is behind the project?

This project is brought to you by the Colchester City Council Air Quality Team and Colchester Travel Plan Club as part of a Defra funded project to encourage greener driving in Colchester for those journeys that have to be made by car. 

Colchester’s Air Quality

Colchester has several air quality management areas in Brook Street, Mersea Road and the town centre, where air pollution is particularly high and needs to be managed. Find out more about air monitoring in Colchester, including the most recent Air Quality Annual Status Report and the Council’s Air Quality Action Plan.

The council runs several projects to support the community to drive more consciously.

Loveurcar Colchester car share scheme is the legacy of a Defra funded project to encourage greener driving in Colchester for those journeys that must be made by car.

Clean Air for Colchester’ is a Defra funded project aiming to improve air quality around Colchester by encouraging more people to walk and cycle for short journeys and to switch off their engines when they are not moving. 

Colchester's Climate Emergency

In July 2019, Colchester City Council declared a climate emergency, pledging to become a carbon neutral organisation by 2030. The Council is also keen to ensure that residents can live more sustainable lives, and car sharing is one way to reduce your environmental impact. Taking more cars off the road will reduce the contribution transport makes to emissions across the city. 

Page last reviewed: 24 November 2020


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