Loveurcar (LUC) Colchester Car Sharing scheme

To encourage everyone to car share, dedicated car share parking spaces are provided at several town centre car parks in Colchester and at Colchester North station. These are located in preferential locations near the entrance or exit of each car park, giving you easy access in and out of the car park.

The car parks with Loveurcar (LUC) bays in are:

  • St John’s Street car park: Two bays
  • Vineyard Street car park: Four bays
  • Britannia car park: Four bays
  • St Mary’s car park: Four bays
Standard charges still apply at all car parks, but the LUC permit to use the preferential bays is free.

Join the LUC car share scheme

The LUC car share scheme operates through MiPermit. To join the scheme, you will need to create a MiPermit account or you can use an existing account.

In order to join the scheme please first complete the application form. Once you complete the application form you will be transferred to MiPermit to validate your car share permit. At this point you can either log into your existing account or create a new account.

LUC car share application form

Once your application is complete you will receive a confirmation email and you can start using the LUC bays.

We will also send you a Loveurcar sticker to place in your front windscreen. This is to make other LUC members aware that your vehicle is legitimately using the LUC spaces and for quick reference for parking officers. We aim to send this to you within 10 working days of your application.

Using LUC car park bays

When you use a LUC bay in a Colchester City Council car park, please pay using the MiPermit app or call MiPermit if possible.

MiPermit location codes for each car park are as follows and must be used so we know you are a member of the LUC scheme:
Britannia Car Park – 237821
Vineyard Street Car Park – 237823
St Mary’s Car Park - 237834
St John’s Car Park – 237835
These can be individually added to your ‘favourite’ MiPermit locations within the MiPermit app by pressing the yellow star next to the location name.

Renew your LUC car share permit

LUC permits are valid for one year. You will receive a reminder email when you are due to renew.

You can renew your permit using the form.

LUC car share renewal form

Page last reviewed: 29 April 2024


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