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About the Emerging Local Plan

The new Local Plan is an important document which will determine the way forward for the Colchester borough.

It will provide the strategy for the growth of our district to 2033 and beyond, setting out what development will take place and where.

It will set out a vision for the area, establishing the long term aims and aspirations for the Borough. It will include policies and allocations that will help to deliver these aims and aspirations. The plan includes strategic policies and allocations in Section 1 of the plan, prepared jointly with Braintree and Tendring Councils, while Colchester specific allocations and policies are included in Section 2. The Local Plan is supported by a comprehensive evidence base.

The Publication Draft Local Plan (2017) was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on 9 October 2017.

Some parish councils are also preparing neighbourhood plans, which, once complete, will also form part of the development plan.

The Local Plan is in two parts.

Section 1

Strategic Plan for North Essex – this part of the Plan is shared with Braintree District Council and Tendering District Council. The Strategic Plan for North Essex was formally adopted by a decision at Colchester Council's Full Council meeting on Monday 1 February 2021.

The Section 1 Plan includes policies for a Garden Community at Tendring Colchester Borders. For more information on Section 1, visit the Section 1 Examination website.

Section 2

This section includes policies and maps for considering planning applications, and site allocations for new development for housing, employment, and infrastructure within Colchester borough.

The Section 2 Local Plan is currently being examined by Inspectors appointed by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government. This website will be updated with further information as the examination progresses.

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