Colchester City Council urges local sponsors to extend support for Homes for Ukraine scheme

PUBLISHED: 13 March 2024

As the Homes for Ukraine scheme marks its second anniversary this week, Colchester City Council reaffirms its commitment to providing sanctuary for those affected by the ongoing conflict. The scheme, initiated by the Government, has seen significant success in resettling Ukrainian refugees, offering them safety and stability in the face of adversity.

So far, Colchester has welcomed over 320 individuals. Some 178 remain with their original hosts, many for almost two years now. Alongside the help provided by Refugee, Asylum Seeker & Migrant Action (RAMA), some hosts have gone above and beyond, helping their guests find private sector housing, providing transport, emotional support, and even assistance with securing benefits.

To mark this two-year milestone, the council is publicly thanking all hosts and their supporters for helping Ukrainians in Colchester and asks others to join in extending support to the Homes for Ukraine scheme. While central government has played a pivotal role in facilitating the resettlement process, the council recognises the importance of localised efforts in ensuring the seamless integration and well-being of refugees within our community.

“We are proud of the progress made through the Homes for Ukraine scheme over the past two years,” said Cllr David King, Leader of Colchester City Council. “However, there is still much to be done. We urge Colcestrians – whether local businesses, organisations, or individuals – to step forward and become sponsors.

“You can offer help and support in various ways: a place to live, employment opportunities, language support, or simply helping Ukrainians feel at home. We are hugely grateful for those who have already helped practically and emotionally. Colchester has always been a welcoming and inclusive community.

“I invite anyone interested in joining our sponsors to get in touch, to help us support those who have had to flee their country and to find refuge here.”

Cllr Natalie Sommers, Portfolio Holder for Communities, added: “As we mark two years of the Homes for Ukraine scheme, we are reminded of the resilience and strength of the human spirit. Yet, amidst this commemoration, let us not forget the challenges that lie ahead and the imperative for sustained community involvement.

“By opening our hearts and our homes, we demonstrate the true essence of compassion and solidarity. Together, let us continue to uphold the values of inclusivity and empathy that define our community.”

For more information about the Homes for Ukraine scheme, please visit:

For local inquiries and sponsorship opportunities, please contact

Page last reviewed: 13 March 2024


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