Colchester City Council encourages residents to join the Great Winter Clean

PUBLISHED: 9 January 2024

Colchester City Council is asking residents to join in helping to clean up Colchester this winter and come together to litter pick open spaces, streets, and areas important to them.

Most litter is hidden from sight during Spring, Summer, and Autumn. In the Winter, it becomes visible after leaf fall, vegetation die-back and seasonal cutting back, making it easier to remove than at other times of the year. So, Colchester City Council’s Neighbourhood Services team are calling on residents to take part in Colchester’s Great Winter Clean, between 15 January and 15 February.

The team will be supporting residents to litter pick by providing bags and even loaning out hi-vis jackets and litter pickers to those that need them, including extra-long ones for those tricky spots, smaller ones for children and ones specifically designed for use on beaches. The team will also then collect these bags to ensure that they are recycled appropriately.

The idea builds on work done in recent years by Colchester Civic Society, who undertake clean up sessions every winter. Last Winter they held three clean-up sessions at The Moors and Civic Society volunteers and volunteers from Colchester Litter Pickers removed approximately 100 bags of litter, along with larger rubbish items.

The Civic Society also organise litter-picking sessions throughout the year, including taking part in Keep Britain Tidy's Great British Spring Clean, and worked with the council in Summer 2023 to hold clean-up sessions at St Botolph's Priory.

Cllr Martin Goss, Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhoods and Waste, said: “I’m delighted to be encouraging residents to get together and help clean up Colchester this Winter. Litter-picking is an easy and fun way to get active, improve your wellbeing, and take care of the environment on your doorstep.” 

John Collett, Colchester Civic Society, said: “It's very encouraging to see the idea for a winter deep clean of Colchester being taken up by the Council. At the Civic Society we are very passionate about doing what we can to help Colchester become a litter free city, and we hope many other residents will get involved too.”

Residents who would like to make a regular difference to their local area can also sign up to become Litter Warriors. Litter Warrior’s pledge their time to help keep their community litter free. Find out more about Litter Warriors at

Find out how to get involved in Colchester’s Great Winter Clean at 

Page last reviewed: 9 January 2024


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