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Litter Warriors

Colchester Borough Residents are joining forces to help fight against litter 

An array of local residents from all over the Borough have committed to pick litter in their local communities on a regular basis. Thanks to these groups of friends, families and neighbours, our local environment is being further maintained and preserved, and Colchester residents can continue to be proud of the area they live in. 

Colchester Borough Council has made plans to support these groups, by using some funding money to supply the groups with new equipment and specially designed Hi-Vis jackets bearing the logo 'Litter Warriors'.

We also want to raise the awareness of this valuable volunteering and invite others from around Colchester to help in their own areas. Groups can be up to 20 people with a commitment to dedicate just 16 hours per month to picking little in their local areas. The Council will issue these groups with the equipment and bags that they needed and pick up the bags at the end of any session. 

To register your interest in creating your own local group of Litter Warriors, please fill in the quick and easy form here and you will be contacted.