Reducing ammonia emissions from urea fertilisers

Share your view on reducing ammonia emissions from urea fertilisers.


Ammonia is an air pollutant that is detrimental to our natural environment and is a pre-curser to particulate matter, which is detrimental to human health.

Defra’s statutory obligations to restore degraded habitats and to reduce ammonia emissions by 8% by 2020 and by 16% by 2030 mean that it must act urgently to tackle ammonia emissions. As ammonia emissions are predominantly from agriculture (87%) and around 8% are from the use of solid urea fertilisers, this consultation seeks views on three policy options that give the greatest ammonia emission reductions from regulating the use or sale of sold urea fertilisers.

The consultation from Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs runs from 3 November 2020 until 26 January 2021.

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