Councillor expenses

Details of Councillors who have claimed expenses


  • A table of expenses claimed by Councillors

This page gives details of those Councillors who have claimed expenses and the extent of the claims in respect of those Councillors for the period from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017.

Councillor Expense Claims - 1 April 2016 To 31 March 2017


Car Mileage
LGA Conference
Barton 15  15
Feltham24.7520.55 5.1050.4
Harris  742.5 742.5
Hazell  790.5 790.5
Lilley 99.4  99.4
Oxford, B 442.5  442.5
Scott 82.1  82.1
Smith 755.59991.5 1747.09
Young, J* 124 865.1989.1
Young, T123.75136.98 5265.73

*Mayor's claims for expenses incurred whilst undertaking civic/mayoral duties 2016/17.

The expense claims include Value Added Tax charges where applicable.


Car mileage paid at 45p per mile (the Inland Revenue recommended rate is currently 45p per mile).

All claims are in respect of costs incurred whilst undertaking an approved duty, as follows:

  • All standing Panels and Committees, the Cabinet and Council meetings (including the Annual Meeting) which an appointed Councillor has attended;
  • Any ad hoc Council groups or outside bodies to which a Councillor has been appointed by the Cabinet, a Standing Panel or Committee and which a Councillor has attended;
  • Any meeting for which the Cabinet, a Panel or Committee has authorised a Councillor to attend as an approved duty;
  • Any site visits made in connection with planning applications to be considered by the Planning Committee to allow inspections by Councillors to take place;
  • Councillor Training;
  • Meetings arising out of the Council's/a Councillor's membership of a local government based outside body;
  • Attendance at meetings of the Cabinet;
  • All journeys carried out by Cabinet Members in pursuance of Portfolio duties;
  • Attendance at Leadership meetings between the Cabinet and the Executive Management Team;
  • Attendance at meetings between the Group Leaders and the Chief Executive.
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