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Employment and Support Allowance Changes

Find out what changes have been made to Employment and Support Allowance


  • Information about the removal of Work Related Activity Group (WRAG) premium.
  • Information about the removal of Permitted Work Limit.

Removal of Work Related Activity Group premium

If you have claimed Employment and Support Allowance from 3rd April 2017 and you are placed in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG), meaning that you are deemed able to engage in work related activities, you will only receive the basic level that those in the assessment phase receive. 

This does not affect you if your claim started before this date.

Weekly rates (for those aged 25 or over)
Claim begun before 6th April 2017 Claim began on or after 6th April 2017


Up to £102.05 (£29.05 plus basic rate of £73.10) Up to Basic rate of £73.10

Support Group

Up to £109.30 (£36.20 plus basic rate of £73.10) Up to £109.30 (£36.20 plus basic rate of £73.10)

This change won't affect:

  • Existing ESA claimants who have a further Work Capability Assessment after 3rd April 2017 even if they are placed in the WRAG.
  • Claimants who have a break in their claim and are back on Employment Support Allowance within 12 weeks and their original claim was before 3rd April 2007.
  • Those who claimed before 3rd April 2017 but are awaiting a Mandatory Reconsideration or appeal decision. 

Removal of Permitted Work Limit

From 3 April 2017, if you under take undertake 'permitted work' and earn between £20 and £115.20 per week you will no longer have to give up work or stop claiming ESA after 52 weeks.

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